Aug 8, 2019

Le Big Zero• Don't Know Any • 2019

Ollie Oxen Free has therefore been brewing for decade, though the result is more than worth it. Combining a punk aesthetic with garage rock tones, Le Big Zero work with atypical structures that explore dissonance and harmony, playing with timings not through some sloppy abandon but rather a subversive and experimental spirit. This couples perfectly with Pasuit’s writing style, a voice that utilises irony and cynicism without ever being coy.

i don’t say anything unless i’m spoken to
with that look you say what the hell’s wrong with you?
i gave you bad advice, you crashed your car
guess i don’t know anything

“Don’t Know Any’ blends scuzzy, playful garage rock with the raucous attitude of The Thermals and throws in a little math rock complexity too,” VSF editor Jon Doyle writes, “closing out the blend of wry observation and genuine feelings that marks the Le Big Zero sound.”
Various Small Flames

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