May 23, 2019

TEENAGE CAVEGIRL • "Space Girl" • 2019

Don’t be fooled by their appearance. They’re not a 60s throwback, they aren’t 70s punk purists and they don’t worship 80's nostalgia. Teenage Cavegirl is L.A. and Andy Ray and they play primal rock ‘n’ roll to make you move.

After self-releasing a 45 and sharing bills with Holly Golightly, The Scientists and Fred & Toody of Dead Moon, the Austin duo’s debut 10″, Candy Cigarettes, is here at last.

The first nine stripped-down songs were tracked live to 2″ analog tape with no overdubbed instruments to capture their live energy and sound and employed their minimalist set up: L.A.’s vocals, guitar, a tom and a snare. They were cut at Big Orange Studio in East Austin by Stuart Sikes, whose credits include The Oblivians, A Giant Dog and The White Stripes breakout album White Blood Cells. The closing number is a gritty take on Jimmy Hannah’s neglected doo-wop soul single “Leavin’ Here” recorded by Leather Girls bandleader Erik Camacho and sung by Andy Ray.

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