Mar 25, 2019

Papooz - Theatrical State of Mind - 2019

The band say of the new clip: 
Once upon a time,
Ulysse le Sévère, the blood thirsty King of Burgundy invites a couple of twin minstrels to play music in his castle. 
Just when you think you're're in more danger!
A french tale of revenge, lust & forgiveness

Armand & Ulysse (aka Papooz) met whilst bunking off literature studies at the Sorbonne to smoke weed in Paris' Luxembourg Gardens. The pair began working on demos of weird pop informed variously by Karen Dalton, The Beach Boys and The White Stripes, which became debut album 'Green Juice' (whose Soko-directed video for 'Ann Wants To Dance' has clocked over 13 million streams.

“Precocious daydream pop” The Times
“Kubrickian fever-dream pop” The Line of Best Fit
“Unquestionably infectious” V Man
“The Parisian duo’s second album is a delightful soundtrack to your next unhinged night out" **** NME
“A unique pop vision, fuelled by disco, French Touch and tropical pop” Clash 
“Replete with luscious multi-tracked harmonies and their penchant for psychedelic synth” Mixmag 
“Imagine if Metronomy and Miles Davis hooked up for the night” GQ
“Papooz have crossed genres and classic sounds to create a modern day pop song that’ll survive the test of time” Indie Shuffle

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