Mar 13, 2018

Anna McClellan - “But at the Same Time” - 2016

Haunting melodies float on a summer breeze. Anna McClellan is practicing on the grand piano;  her melancholy lyrics and precise keystrokes are muffled by walls of her friend’s house in the Dundee neighborhood. Step inside the house and it becomes clear: the calm singer-songwriter with oversized eyeglasses is on fire.

So you think you're leaving
But you don't know where to go
Well, you'll leave this season
It's just an ordinary winter snow
It's just a warm embrace holding you tight
It's just a sad refrain in the night

Where do you think you could go that would be as nice?
All four seasons gives chance to resign
If you went south, you'd miss those long nights in the house

When you walk, you walk really fast
You can't go anywhere without looking back
You stayed, you stayed through the spring
With a goal to do everything, you went wandering
There's no way to know what's really out there unless you go

But I will miss your warm embrace in the day
And the sad refrain you always sang
And it's such a tragedy that we're apart
But at the same time I have your heart
And the warm summer breeze whispers close
Wish I could miss you and be with you
Both at once

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