Friday, May 10, 2013

The Story of... Moldy Kimya & Adam - 2013

Been a fan of these two for many many years. It was the first music I'd heard that had the perfect blend of irony, folk sensibility and unique delivery. I fell in love with The Moldy Peaches' self-tiled album from the first listen... What were they saying?!:... How could they make that rhyme ??!!! It's only two chords??!!!?
 Once they parted ways they when through their own personal inner transformation to find their true musical calling. The funny thing, they only keep evolving into interesting musicians, covering the gamete of genres while all the while staying close to their personalities. 
The Uncluded is a perfect example for Kimya, introducing urban hip-hop into her mix, which works so well. And Adam's new collaboration with No Joy, creating compelling, melodic indie pop.
Have a listen to evolution...

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