Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Exitmusic - Passage [2012]

"You will be engulfed, so dress accordingly. It's a tsunami of pop noise..." - THE GUARDIAN 

“Building up a fervent following to the point where each of their CMJ shows is packed with a buzzy concoction of hardcore fans, hipsters and muso-freaks... Gloriously luscious.” - NME 

"Rare and beautiful." - NYLON 

"The freakishly talented duo of Aleksa Palladino & Devon Church always makes me think of two sweet kids strolling hand-in-hand into Armageddon. It feels ennobling, as reverb roars and Palladino warbles, “We are sparks of light, but we hide it” to suddenly bashful, suddenly human, us." _LOS ANGELES CITYBEAT

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