Nov 10, 2011

Teenage Fanclub's Early Story [2011]

Genre: Indie Pop / Rock

"While most bands are lucky to have one great songwriter, Teenage Fanclub are blessed with three, Raymond McGinley, Norman Blake and Gerard Love. "I suppose when you come to make a record, the way that we work, we can't really go off on a tangent because it's three people writing songs; it's not one person's vision," says Norman. "It's song-based, and all that we can do in terms of making it different is look at the way we arrange the songs. So we do try to make it different from album to album..." Also, the way we work after all these years has become intuitive, and you just get a feel for when someone comes in with a song. Gerry'll come in and play a song and outline how he wants it to work, but at that point, he'll give us the freedom to express ourselves in that context."

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