Aug 21, 2011

Indie Covers Nine (2011)

Genre: Indie Pop, Experimental Rock, Electronica, Folk

No. 9


Goose Lake - haiti
Astrid Swan - Shady Lane
Flower Orgy - Powderfinger
Weezer - You Might Think
Ceremony - Nimrod's Son
Dale Earnhardt Jr. - God Only Knows
Elizabeth Harper - Pictures of You
Blake Holland - Electric Fell
Swthrt - Indian Summer
Work Drugs - Rolling in the Deep
Havana Lake - Stayin' Alive
Vampire Weekend - Everywhere
Something Meaningful - Nothing Compares 2 U
Elbow - Teardrops
Chromatic Flights - I am a Rock
Her Space Holiday - I'll believe in Anything
Franz Ferdinand - Call Me
Sun Kil Moon - Neverending Math Equations
The Black Keys - Act Nice and Gentle
The Submarines - Waitng for a War
Venice is Sinking - Compass

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