Jul 24, 2011

Bedhead / The New Year : 1993 - 2008

Genre: Slowcore / lo-fi guitar mastery

The Kadane brothers' musical timeline is like the stock market, seemlingly forever growing yet the working classes suffer the brunt of the misery due to the lack of connecting with Bedhead and The New Year. Their music has a longeviety but only to a small demographic; the blue blood of music… not meaning the "creme-best," rather that limited audiences have had the exposure. Songs grow on and in you, ever so slowly to peaks of joy with guitar interplay, the solid drum pound and understated poetry…  Excellent history. 
This mix is a taster… Enjoy.

This subtle, delightful and lovingly crafted album will doubtlessly be revered by those lucky few who have been following the Kadane brothers throughout their quiet but increasingly remarkable musical careers. - Pop Matters 

The songs begin as reflective, melancholy odes and transform themselves into chiming cathedrals of sound. - Los Angeles Times

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