Apr 25, 2023

Zack Keim • Better Days • 2023

"Led by up-tempo rhythms and vintage six-string textures, the track showcases the Keim’s sonic complexity managing to leap into a new era while still harkening back to his garage-rock roots."

"'Canyon' is as perfect a pop song as it’s possible to conjure up. From the whistle that kicks the song off, it’s simple and stripped-down, seemingly effortless, joyous and yet steeped in a kind of bittersweet nostalgia. Imagine the best pop hooks Lou Reed or Jonathan Richman ever managed overlaid with Zack’s singular, plaintive voice and you’re close."
- Shindig! Magazine

"Opening with a pounding percussive stomp followed by joyous layers of jangling guitar and buoyant melodies, 'Alice' feels both heartfelt and endlessly charming, crafting jangly folk pop with lush complexity."
- Under The Radar

Now Keim returns with the standalone single “Better Days,” a wistful gem that wrests melodic bliss out of pangs of nostalgia. With its sunkissed harmonies and tumbling rhythms, the tune is charged with exuberance and longing for the past. Keim co-wrote the tune with indie singer-songwriter Matt Costa in California; references to palm trees, prophets, and the parking lot heighten the song’s West Coast origins.

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