Jul 19, 2022

Jacklen Ro • "Life With You" • 2022

"'Side By Side' is a dreamy ballad with ’60s doo-wop sensibilities. Throughout the single, Jacklen Ro deliver shimmering melodies, upbeat percussion, and soft, sweet vocal lines."
- Indie88

"A song about a love being tested by distance, Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins have once again delivered a single with a lyrical twist that gives pause"
- Country Queer

"Opening with sweet acoustic guitar lines and soft, buttery harmonies, ['Time Bomb'] slowly builds into an anthemic indie rock tune. It’s a pretty stunning energetic, yet angsty ballad that’s sure to get you singing along."
- Indie88

"Sweet, nostalgic"
- Brooklyn Vegan

“The song has a dreamy, child-like quality that is immediately endearing.”
- Adobe & Teardrops 

 “Truly a breath of fresh air”
- Country Queer

1 comment:

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