Aug 18, 2020

mehro • "Hideous" • 2020

Having recently revealed his sophomore single Hideous to widespread acclaim, rising LA based newcomer mehro reveals the stellar video to the hauntingly beautiful cut. Showcasing mehro's beguiling vocal over plucked guitar strings, Hideous sees the hotly tipped artist lament the loss of a relationship over a chorus that will remain with you long after first listen. Speaking on the track, mehro states:

"When I wrote this song I was in dark place. When I closed my eyes, my thoughts were ones of self hatred, when I looked in the mirror I saw a monster."

In a world dominated by social media, mehro captured attention with only the power of his voice, the depth of songwriting and strength of his musicianship. Recalling greats like Jeff Buckley and Conor Oberst, all signs point to mehro having a huge year.

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