Jul 21, 2019

Mons Vi • Come On Violet • 2019

A relatively simple arrangement serves the foundation for elevating the emotionality of “Come On Violet.” Primarily supported by an acoustic guitar nestled away in the recesses of the track, Mons Vi’s vocals, as beautiful and delicate as a butterfly’s wings, holds the listener spellbound with heart-rending lyrics akin to poetry.

It's been a little too long to be biding my time,
searching around between bottles of wine.
And the call of the wild,
somehow gets lost in the dark of your eyes.

Come on, Violet,
Come on, Violet.

Spin on a beam at the top of the moon,
run through old scenes that once felt brand new.
You never notice the things you lose.
Could it wake the fear in you?

Come on, Violet,
Come on, Violet.
I'm alone.

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