Apr 9, 2019


The respected rock n roll outlet called the record "vibrantly lively and hazily reflective..." Stemming from the minds' of guitarist Steve Stout (ex-Blondfire, Lost Beach) and Jason Wade (Lifehouse), ØZWALD was born out of a mutual love of '60s & '70s rock and roll. 

"A bombastic indulgence of bright guitars and feelgood vibes that marries MGMT’s psychedelic haze with Wilco’s hearty alternative rock." -Atwood Magazine

"The record exudes sunny pop/rock hooks and arrangements..." -PopMatters
"a polychromatic slice of psych-pop that sounds like the Beatles fixating on Southern California sunsets." -Buzzbands LA

"a full sound that boasts Mamas & the Papas textures via those fulsome harmonies" -MP3Hugger

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