Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Airling EP - 2012

45R’s favourite shoegaze act is Airling, who you guys all have to check out, for real. It’s the project of Lachie, who besides being a crazy rad bloke, also plays drums in Lunaire. He was nice enough to answer a few questions for us. It’s a really fun interview! [My favourite bit being him talking about recording his vocals in the back of an old bus]

1. Who exactly is Airling? 
 At the moment Airling is just me. It’s a kind of “bedroom project" I guess you could call it. I’ve been playing drums in the band Lunaire for years and only just recently have been writing my own songs and recording them. I moved to Melbourne with my bandmates from Lunaire about three years ago from a reasonably small town which really expanded our musically tastes I think. I think what got me into playing music was my Grandmothers generosity. As a kid she gave me all her old instruments which included a drum kit, several keyboards, a piano and an organ. I made electronic music for a few years and picked up guitar in my late teens. 

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